Friday, 25 January 2013

Forwards into 2013.

Once again now that the fun and games of the festive season has left us behind - it is time to look forward into 2013 to see what we can achieve. Myself, I have numerous aims both in work and in other interests. it's icy and cold outside - but that doesn't put me off. I'm feeling an intense energy that i'm using to as much of my ability as i can. From spirit there's an excited and reassuring feeling that things can now progress.

A while back on an investigation spirit delivered the message : "Move forward" during a trance / automatic writing session - this has become more and more resonant with me with a view of of experiencing, learning from what's there, putting the past behind and looking towards the future with clear goals and aims.

With the paranormal group Stoke Haunted there are numerous things I would love to get more in depth with. The group itself is ramping up their aims for a momentous and successful 2013 with various aims.

Myself in terms of mediumship hope to progress and develop more, both on the side of physical mediumship and that of understanding psychic and spiritual phenomen from both a meta and scientific perspective.

At the moment for me getting organised is very important. With the team , working very closely on refining what we do is becoming more and more prevalent - whether its on the web, on investigations, documenting what we do etc. I have a good feeling that 2013 is going to be one of those years that alot comes together and produces some good results. Stay tuned on that one!

If you want to follow myself on twitter you can reach me at @matts909, or the group @stoke_haunted. Also feel free to like and contribute to our page on facebook. Look forward to hearing from you and building a great experience for 2013.

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