Saturday, 6 October 2012

Investigation update (29th sept)

As promised here is the footage from last weeks investigation - I do apologise its taken quite a while. Have had quite a few things to address this end, this week. All in all think i am now back on track.

The investigation itself was rather curious - as a location i can only determine it was one great energy drain. conducting mediumship was difficult at best, and any communication either in group or otherwise generally was sketchy - it just felt as though there was no energy at all for delivery.

Some anomalies were recorded - we had an unprompted EMF spike during one of our vigils, along with power drain on cameras, walkie talkies etc.  Definitely felt as though we were being played with. Also you will notice with the lock off camera - a curious dark mist passes in front of the camera between the two beds. ironically this is where we detected the EMF spike.

Towards the end of the investigation i found a possible cause for the energy vacuum - a rather potent energy vortex just above the cellar area. I was shown the energy vortex to be anticlockiwise (taking down or absorbing) energy. With this in mind it was conclusive for me metaphysically that this was a major contributing cause to the odd energy behaviour.

Tonight i'm off to another investigation locally - having done a walkaround before. I'm quite excited the venue does have some curiosity about it. As before footage, video diaries etc will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned.

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