Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Making a difference.

So once again, as the years pass by, we find yesterday was March 23rd, which has always held an important resonance for me. Normally something profound or of magnitude occurs, or the development of an up and rising concept takes root.

Yesterday, i suppose in the realm of things indeed was no different. But instead of being tangible and obvious, the concept which emerged was perhaps a little more theoretic.

I was contemplating the concept "making a difference" - it seems to be that people use this as a means or a goal to fulfil their lives - ideally feeling that they made a difference to one thing or another, no matter how large or small the project or concept. And yet as i thought about the wording, i took the literal meaning in a mathematical sense, that difference implies taking something away - subtraction, depletion, and ultimately the note of what is missing. In physics we identify potential difference the subtraction of voltage in electronics. In supposition i concluded making a difference would mean creating or highlighting a gap - a void between things in its absence.

Developing from this i began thinking about our function here in the physical plane, and progress, as it had been some ten years or so ago since i began this quest of self realisation. How had i progressed in these ten years? true, i had made some very stupid mistakes in my development, which has allowed for some very important lessons - which i have learned from greatly. Without the proviso of these lessons, i would not be in this position i am in now., i would nto have met the people i have met, and may be on a path less beneficial. I began thinking about energy, and balance in life. Acquisition of wisdom is indeed paid for by hard work and sacrifice, often without conscious realisation until the moment of epiphany. The balance of life is in exchange, time is sacrificed in the way of other things, energy is sacrificed in the way of progress. In this respect i thought that making a difference in life, would indeed imply removal of self, subtraction from the mundane, subtraction from all ties in ones life that impede progress.

I realised that at this point i was thinking like a buddhist - we experience in this sphere of existance in order to realise we end our lives here with what we began with. Everything else inbetween is merely material save the lessons learned whilst we are here. Indeed i thought, we are here to learn, to progress and evolve.

Upon this concept of evolution i thought that in this respect energy is no different. It cannot be created or destroyed, it merely changes and transmutes from form to form, ever evolving and changing. It struck me that evolution is everywhere, from ground to sky, as is the presence of energy. Everything within this physical plane only mirrors it, including our fragmented experience here, in this short life. Just as we are all here to experience what we need to in order to learn, i pondered much like how energy resonates in its various forms, so do we mirror this in our interactions and how our paths cross with each other in our lives. In this respect i decided that our function as an evolutionary species (much like energy) is indeed conductive of that energy - to pass on the evolutionary frequencies and help their transmutation from form to form - here we are expressed as one form of this, interacting with the many others. In this respect we indeed harmonise (without our knowledge of it) with the other forms and energies around us, in order for evolution to continue and be conducted elsewhere.

This led me to think of the word conduction. We use it in science to measure how freely energy moves through matter. "Conducti - On". On - probably one of the most used words in our language, and probably one of the oldest it expresses life. We switch machines and other things on to bring life to them. On is expressed in ancient languages such as hebrew and egyptian with words like "am-on" "at-on" - all variation of a word to describe god, or a divine and infinite life force, taken to give rise to the numerical value of one, the complete. It then occurred to me rather obviously that the sum of energies, as parts and fractions of the one divine force, would indeed equal one. One whole, resonating expression of energy. This is why making a difference is so important upon reflection. The absence of one expression of energy would not allow the whole to resonate as it should. Removal from ourselves and selfish needs, indeed helps us to contribute, to the whole energetic spiral, and its evolutionary process.

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Larry said...

The urge to make a difference may evolve from the child's first attempts to make its parents do something.

The adult may call this 'making a difference'.

If the adult tries to reform reality in his/her image, 'making a difference' is really 'being a part of the problem'.