Friday, 14 September 2012

Automatic Writing Take 2

A couple of new things here - first find my video showing excerpts on psychic and spiritual protection for the group with a paranormal investigation focus. I do apologise for the video having some interference on the audio - at that time numerous spirits were making themselves known and wanted to get involved - including that of a young boy who was making the other mediums and sensitives giggle in true "school prank" fashion.

It is roughly half an hour long and there's a few things to take in. My advice - go and get a coffee or similar. There is a grounding exercise and a protection exercise in visualisation / meditation so at that time if you want to close your eyes and engage by all means do so. You may feel some interesting sensations - I wont outline them here it could spoil the surprise.

Thanks once again to Andy Weatherall  for capturing the footage. Thanks to me for writing the music "the tear of the seas" some years ago.

Also, as promised here is some footage of some automatic writing from the return to the venue on saturday 8th sept 2012. This commincation connects with a man who calls himself "Marlon Leon" and has a confusing 100year wait as well as a directional message for the group. Communicating with him was quite a pleasant experience there were no real difficulties in communication, he wanted to speak occasionally too which was refreshing as I haven't done vocal trance communication for some time.

Thanks once again to Andy Weatherall, Sara Chawner & Claire Atherton for capturing the footage, and thanks to the team for a great investigation.

Since the video is having issues embedding here, here is the URL for the video:


And my third gift is the video in its entireity for the investigation, as follows:

Feedback and comments / questions always welcome.

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